We’ve all been there: it’s the weekend, we are tired of eating the same three pasta meals on rotation and the parents live too far away to enjoy some well-deserved vacation in „Hotel Mama“ – or to simply plunder her fridge. The heart screams „TREAT YOURSELF“ – but the wallet says „absolutely not“. Where to go when you are still a student with an account that needs 2 days notice for transactions higher than 20€? Worry not, because here are some secret locations to treat yourself to a hearty meal on a student budget:

Wiener Deewan

  • Adresse: 9., Liechtensteinstraße 10


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Amazing place! #payasmuchasyouwant#amazingfood#thankyou

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„Stay as you wish – pay as you wish“ might just sound way too good to be true but this dream became reality in 2005 when the Wiener Deewan opened its gates to the hungry Viennese population. The premise is simple: enjoy Pakistani cuisine, freshly cooked by Afzaal Deewan himself, then pay as much as you want (and can). The buffet-style restaurant offers five different curry specialities daily with vegan, vegetarian, meat-lover and even halal options. A true treat for every hunger and budget.

Pizzeria Mafiosi

  • Adresse: 15., Reindorfgasse 15


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#birthday #pizza #mafiosi

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Don’t worry, unlike the name makes one assume, you don’t have to bring cold hard cash in a suitcase to pay for your meal at this ristorante. As a matter of fact, a few coins might just be enough to pay for your feast at Pizzaria Mafiosi. A beer for 2€, no pizza more than 6€ and pasta below 5€ with food that is almost criminally delicious? Prego! & Mille Grazie!

Coffee Pirates

  • Adresse: 9., Spitalgasse 17


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☀️Enjoying a cold brew tonic in the sunshine! #cheers

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The Coffee Pirates of Vienna have hidden their little treasure not far from the Uni Wien Campus with coffee, home-made desserts and snacks for non-Starbucks costs. You might not get your name written horribly wrong on a paper cup BUT therefore cute latte art varies from cute heart, over leaves to fuzzy cloud (depending on the art skills of your barista). The unique – some might say „hipster“ – interior of the cafe only adds to the pricelessness of the store. A true gem in the middle of the city that invites to sit down and write on your script, do homework or simply people-watch.


  • Adresse: 9., Währinger Str. 21


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Ever asked yourself what would happen if you cross IKEA with a restaurant? Well, wonder no more because a visit at the Wiener Sägewerk will answer all of your questions. The restaurant is a part of a chain that specialized themselves in the „do it yourself“ genre of ordering your meal (except for the cooking – phew… so unlike your IKEA furniture, this one is destined to work out). Choose from hundreds of different combinations and simply decide yourself how extravagant (and pricy) you want your pasta, burger, salad, toast and more to be – the Sägewerk will do the rest of the magic. Fair warning: this restaurant is not for the indecisive amongst you ;)

Max & Benito

  • Adresse: 7., Mariahilferstraße 4

¡Ay, caramba! How could anyone live in Vienna for longer without paying Max & Benito a visit? Especially American students who miss the authentic Mexican cuisine from Taco Bell and Co swear on the small store with even smaller prices. Tacos, burritos and salads for just a few peso – me gusta! And yes, before you ask, there is an option for extra guac! Not sold yet? How about their commitment for vegan and gluten free options for the same budget-friendly prices? Taco Bell? – Who this?

Honorable mention: McDonalds


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Zaubert garantiert ein Lächeln ins Gesicht – unsere Fun Fries, jetzt mit Bacon! 🥓

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The charming and traditional all-American cuisine in the heart of Vienna – and pretty much everywhere else. Let’s be real, McDonalds is still be the real MVP (most valuable player) when it comes to cheap soul-food at 3m in the morning after pulling an all-nighter or simply partying a tad too long. For 1€ you get a burger, fries, a coffee, a wifi-password and a 10min therapy session with the cashier where you can tell them all about your pasta cooking skills that brought you to the local McD’s in the first place.