Moving to Vienna? No sweat! Follow these tips to make sure your transition is as smooth as can be.

Google Maps Tour

Check out where you’re living and studying! Use the street view feature on Google Maps to take your own tour of your new hood and find the closest grocery stores and train stations. Make note of nearby police stations and hospitals for your own peace of mind, too.

Organize your visa materials BEFORE you get to Austria!

Yes, applying from within the country is easier than getting to an embassy most of the time, but try to get most (if not all) of your documents organized before leaving for your big move. Settling in is stressful enough, and those deadlines come up faster than you’d think! Don’t be discouraged though- you got this!

Ask to talk to a current student

Talk with your admissions officer or study-abroad coordinator about being connected with a current student in Vienna. They can offer many more personal experiences and advice to you than a pamphlet can. And you have the added bonus of a local friend when you arrive. Score!

Lists, lists, and more lists!

Staying organized during a big move is key! Make and keep lists on a phone or a small book you have with you at all times- when you think of anything at all, write it down! If you can, keep an inventory of the items you’re bringing with you-it’ll make keeping track of everything so much easier.

Connect with your Neighbors

When you move in, make it a point to know your fellow residents. Knowing the people around you makes it easier to go out with them, go food shopping, and even cooking together! Two plates are better than one!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You’re moving to another country, which takes courage enough. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask others for support-you deserve help and encouragement! Feeling nervous to food shop in German? Ask a friend along! Want to explore the city or try a new bar or restaurant? Invite a classmate or a neighbor! Have questions about the visa process or getting your housing confirmation? Don’t hesitate to ask your Student Resource Center.

First time around German?

If you don’t speak German (it’s okay!), make a cheat sheet (or check out the one below) of basic German food words. Some words are similar, like apple vs. der Apfel, but some are not, like strawberry vs. die Erdbeere. There’s no shame in having a list of words or bringing a German-speaking friend along with you!

Food das Essen Apple der Apfel
Meat das Fleisch Strawberry die Erdbeere
Chicken das Hähnchen Raspberry die Himbeere
Ham der Schinken Potato die Kartoffel (or der Erdapfel in Austria)
Sausage die Wurst Onion die Zwiebel
Drink das Getränk Rice der Reis
Water das Wasser Cheese der Käse
Milk die Milch Eggs die Eier
Wine der Wein Bread das Brot
Beer das Bier Butter die Butter
Coffee der Kaffee Salt das Salz

Moving to Vienna is an amazing choice- from one semester to four years and beyond. If you follow these tips, you can spend more time enjoying the city and less time stressing. Have fun!