Balancing college courses and life can be hard enough, but how to find time to shake the right hands that will point you in the right direction? Well, you really don’t have to go far. A huge advantage of an international University with small class sizes is meeting professionals from all over the world. This includes peers in class, your professors, administration at the university, and you never know who will show up to lectures and public university events.

I used my experience working in the Student Affairs office and planning events to give me a leg up when it came to my own art event organization, but you don’t need a volunteer scholarship position to get on the administrations good-side. Make an appointment with career services and get on a first name basis with those who can help. I did, and when attending a career presentation in university by a big-name event organizer, I got the introduction I needed to land an interview and sponsorship deal for my exhibition.

Your professors and advisors are also one of your most useful networks. A colleague at university forwarded an internship opening for a Cultural Diversity Organization that sounded like a perfect fit for me, and after a little research I realized one of my favorite professors was on their advisee board. The letter of recommendation he wrote for me got me the position I wanted, and we’ve continued to work together for the NGO.

Realize that your classmates are a resource of skills! When my boss needs someone who can speak a language or is great with administrative work, I recommend them, and have even landed a few friends internships. My business partners are people I’ve met in class, I’ve worked on film projects with classmates, and continue to call on friends who I know can get the job done. University is the perfect place to make connections, even if your starting at zero, just take the opportunity to make a good impression!