It’s always the same. You go to a new city and find yourself figuring out how to work the public transport. Even though Vienna is known for a well-organized, on-time transportation system, it is beneficial to know a few things before entering the fray:

Basic information

  • U-Bahn is the German word for underground and it’s abbreviated with a U as in U1, U2, etc.
  • There are five U-Bahn lines (there is no U5!) that run from approx. 5am till 12:30am during the week and all night on the weekends. Trams work the same schedule; however, buses run 24/7 and replace the U-Bahn and trams at night.
  • There are old and new U-Bahn wagons. You never know which one will come. I know the old ones are scary, especially the handles. You have to pull them really hard to side. In the past I always hoped somebody would leave the train together with me and, thus, open the door for me  … it requires practice 😉
  • Four tips for behavioral conduct to avoid Viennese grumpiness
    • Before you enter the bus, U-Bahn or tram, you let everyone get off first.
    • You shouldn’t stand in front of the doors if you’re not planning on getting off the next station.
    • On the escalators, you always stand on the right side and walk on the left.
    • As of September 2018, you’re not allowed to eat in the U6. As of 2019, this will be enforced in all U-Bahn lines.

Tickets and pricing

Make sure to buy a ticket before entering the U-Bahn, bus or tram at one of the ticket machines in the U-Bahn stations, in the Online Ticketshop or via the mobile app. In general, you cannot buy tickets in buses or trams.

Everything you need to know about Wiener Linien tickets:

My recommendation to all the students out there: get a student semester ticket. You will save A LOT of money. You can find all the details here.

  • If your university is not enabled for the online shop, you can also go to the Wiener Linien offices at big train stations, such as Praterstern, Hauptbahnhof, etc. Make sure to bring all the documents required!
  • The semester ticket is valid for 5 months as of September 1st and February 1st. For the summer months July and August, you can buy monthly student tickets.
  • You must always take your valid student ID along with your student semester ticket.


Helpful navigation app

QANDO is your best friend! I would be lost without this mobile application. It tells you the fastest way to get from A to B by telling you what U-Bahn, bus, or tram to take. Its interactive map displays your walkways to and from the stations. Once you’ve figured out how Qando works, you will be the one telling your friends how to find their way around the city 😊 

Where to buy tickets

Subway Stations There are ticket vending machines in all subway stations.
Ticket Offices There are several ticket offices (customer service points).
Apps You can buy tickets directly in the WienMobil or the Wiener Linien app.
Tabaktrafik All of the 850 Viennese Tabaktrafiken are selling tickets.
On Board Tickets can be bought in the tram for an increased price of 2,30 Euro per ticket. Attention: Not every tram driver has tickets. Please ask in advance.
Online Shop You can also buy tickets online: Wiener Linien Online Shop.