1-2-3 1-2-3 …. the ball season is in full swing and students all around the city are getting ready too waltz until they are dizzy. Or feel like princesses/princes for an evening. Or to wander the halls ominously, pretending to be on a secret mission to take over the country and reinstall the monarchy. Whatever your reason to attend a ball is, you definitely want to feel, look and live like a true royal for one evening; without having to spend a million bucks. Here are some tips and tricks on how to spend an evening like a true modern day king/queen without having to sell your soul:

The tickets

Of course we all would love to attend the Opera Ball once in our lives. Yet for students, this might be still a bit on the pricy side of things as tickets range from 300€ and up. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other balls in Vienna that are easy on a student budget and still offer the same enchanting atmosphere on their dance floors. Keep an eye out for university balls such as the TU Ball, WU Ball and pretty much any other event that has a capital „U“ in its name ;) Some universities even offer special student discounts for tickets to enable their students to spend a classy evening with their peers. The Ball of Sciences is a hot ticket (for cool prices … get it?) for all students with just 25€ per piece and the opportunity to make a semester worth of tuition in their casino area. If not, then you still have the chance to find your king/queen of hearts as students from all over Vienna attend this ball every year. As they say: Unlucky in cards, lucky in love … or something like that.

The Outfit

Backless? Heart cleavage? Floor length or high low? Do I want sparkles? The choices for dresses are as broad as the price ranges. Sometimes, we envy guys who only have to decide between black suit or dark-blue-that-looks-like-black suit. The usual rule seems to be: the more glitter and shimmer, the more money … until now! Since Vienna has a name as waltzing city, brands like C&A, H&M and Zara, are launching their very own ball gown ranges around January. Especially the stores around the inner part of the city are packed with beautiful gowns of all colors, shapes and sizes where you can make an entire day of cat walking your favorite dresses in front of your friends. Most gowns sell for under 100€ with some as cheap as 30€. Also online shops have jumped onto the ball gown band-wagon, so definitely don’t forget to check out (legitimate looking) stores on the WWW.

The Look

Youtube is definitely your friend when it comes to affordable but glamorous make up and hair styles. Get your best friends, and become your very own stylists without spending a lot of money at hair dressers. If you are make up newbies like me, you might want to start practicing a bit beforehand so your princess look doesn’t end like „sad panda in the rain“ ;) There is nothing better than having a getting-ready session with your bros and girls before the big ball evening! Create a good playlist with some waltz to train, mix a few drinks and don’t forget the photo shoot for all of the sweet new profile pictures! #DancingQueen

The After-Ball event

Dancing for hours, strolling around the venue and taking endless amount of photos to keep as treasured memories … a ball can be pretty eventful and exhausting so you need to reenergize every once in a while. But how to fuel up without paying 10 bucks for a piece of bread? Do it the true Austrian style: Würstelstand. What sounds like a bad joke that really doesn’t go with a fancy ball evening, is actually almost a tradition in this city. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the circle of Who’s Who or Who’s Not; the after-ball sausage at one of Viennese booths is as much of a ball tradition as the waltz itself. A Würstelstand has never looked fancier than during ball season, that’s for sure.

Time for you to shine like a dime! We wish you all a wonderful evening during the ball season and hope you also get to enjoy it looking like a million bucks (that you will still have after the event, with these tips in mind).