For years, Vienna has been placed amongst the cities with the highest standard of living worldwide. In 2018, Vienna was officially awarded with the title “Most Liveable City”. Vienna simply has everything. An amazing infrastructure, outstanding cultural and leisure time activities and a culinary offering like no other. Besides the known Wiener Schnitzel and Käsekrainer, the typical Vienna breakfast is rose to fame. The classic “Wiener Frühstück” consists of:

  • Coffee or Tea
  • a “Semmel” (a traditional bread roll) or a Croissant
  • Butter
  • Honey or Jam

The offer, though, varies from one coffee house to the other.

The best places for breakfast and brunch in Vienna

For all those who just moved to Vienna, or those who have been living here for a while now and simply want to enjoy a relaxed start into their day; we collected a list of our favorite spots for a typical Viennese breakfast or brunch.


The “Ulrich” café is located on ST. ULRICHSPLATZ 1, a small square around the Ulrichskirche in the 7th district with it’s own unique charme: a charming baroque church found in the frame of the historic buildings surrounding it and the cobble stone beneath.

The breakfast offer includes everything the heart wants. From breakfast combinations like the “Tabula Rasa” (honey-crusted ham from the duroc-free-range pig, milan salami, gouda, brie, organic eggs, krengervais, butter with chives, yoghurt with granola & fruits, home-made jam, organic bread rolls, la Marianne & perennial-rye bread with summer apples) for €10,50 to healthy energizing smoothies like the GREEN MACHINE (pinapple, bananas, spinach, apple, ginger, romane lettuce (0,25l) for €4,90. Here you can find the complete Menu.

Breakfast Times
Monday to Friday 07.30am – 12.00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 09:00am – 03.00pm



The „Motto am Fluss“ offers a unique experience: enjoying your breakfast on a boat that lies in the middle of Vienna. The “Motto am Fluss” wins you over with their home-made bread and dips, and even jams and spreads are made from scratch.

From the “Early Bird” breakfast (small café au lait & croissant) for €5,10, over Chia-Seed Porridge (porridge with rice milk, fresh fruits & granola) for €8,80, to delightful fluffy pancakes (with apricots, rosemary & elderberry yoghurt) for €7,00 – everyone will find something that suits their appetite. Here you can find the complete Menu.

Breakfast Times
Monday to Friday 08.00am – 04.00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 08.00am – 04.00pm




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For all those that are browsing the city for an authentic Austrian kitchen, will be successful here. The „Vollpension“ (engl: full-board) initially started as a pop-up store in 2012 during the Vienna Design Week. The concept is simple: pensioners, that seek for engagement with the community, get to spoil the guests in good old “grandma style”. The concept was so successful that the “Vollpension” absolutely became a “must-go” breakfasts place.

The offer ranges from a piece of cake for €3,20 to breakfast combinations like the “Opa Pikant” (a piece of dark-rye bread, butter, bellpepper-tomato-butter, cottage cheese with herbs, ham and organic salami from the mangalitza-pig from thum, mountain cheese, fresh horseradish, pickles, tomatoes and cucumber slices, soft-boild eggs from free-range chickens) for €8,90 or the “Da Peda” (two baverian sausages, sweet mustard, a pretzel, a small beer) for €7,90. Here you can find the complete Menu.

Breakfast Times
Monday to Friday 09.00am – 02.00pm
Saturday & Sunday 09.00am – 04.00pm




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We can’t think of anything better than strolling through the old historic town of Vienna and stopping by a cozy café for a breakfast. The „Guesthouse Brasserie & Bakery“ captivates you with their top location, their modern, stylish and comfortable interior and an amazing, yet pricy, breakfast offering.

A combination like the Burggarten-Breakfast (a glas of orange- or pink grapefruit-juice, a trio of spreads (cream cheese with herbs, pumpkin-seed oil and tomatoes), a small fruit salad, yoghurt with nuts, a selection of soft, semi-hard and hard cheese) for example, will cost €19,-. All those who are in for something fancy can order fresh oysters on the weekends (i.e. three pieces with oyster-bread) for €11,-. Here you can find the complete Menu.

Breakfast Times
Monday to Friday 06.30am – 11.00pm
Saturday & Sunday 06.30am – 11.00pm


I happen to stumble across the „Hollerkoch“ because I was visiting a friend who was living in the same street. A coincidence that should change my life for the better. 😉

The selection of meals is „reduced to the best“. The “simple” breakfast (coffee or tea, bread, butter & jam) is €7,50. A breakfast combination like the “GSUNDE SUSI” (coffee or tea, a fresh of freshly squeezed orange juice, two pieces of bread, hummus, vegetable sticks, cream cheese & bircher cereal with greek yoghurt & chia seeds) costs €13,70. The AVOCADO-RADDISH TOAST is especially recommendable for a small snack (avocado-tartar on home-made toast & raddish) for €6,50. Here you can find the complete Menu.

Breakfast Times
Thursday & Friday 09.00am – 02.30pm
Saturday & Sunday 09.00am – 02.30pm

In conclusion: Not all of our favorite breakfast offers are „typical“ Viennese

Even if the “Wiener Frühstück” is famous, it is the variety that makes all the difference for us. Just give it a try and eat your way through the Viennese breakfast offerings.
Little tip: if possible – reserve a table. As said: The Viennese people love to enjoy a long breakfast and only by calling ahead of time you are sure to also get a seat at the Viennese breakfast table.